Thursday, 31 December 2015

Roll On 2016!

Hey friends, it's time for the ubiquitous 'New Year' post! SO! How did I do with all those resolutions from last year...

"Take more time to properly fit garments (yes -that means toile making!!)something I often skip then later regret. 

Get a handle on my outrageous sweet tooth and get back into good cooking habits."

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my outrageous sweet tooth is still in existence, so scratch #2. As for #1 I haven't really done as much garment making as I'd like to have, but I can honestly say that I have made a more concerted effort to check and improve the fit of the one's I have made, so a small win there -I'll take it!

I didn't do particularly well with lingerie this year -namely due to the faff of finding and ordering supplies. I loved my first Watson bra so shame on me for not cracking on with several more! Back on the list for this year.

So that's enough of 2015. Looking ahead to 2016 I have some VERY exciting news. I am moving (virtual) home and would LOVE you all to join me over at 'SEWN' where I will be blogging as of the new year.

I'm launching an online sewing pattern store which I am beyond excited about. More details on that post launch but I can say that I have a hoard of authentic vintage patterns and some pretty fantastic indie designers lined up to boot!

If you'd like to stay in the loop then head over to the Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. I'll see you there! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Gold Scout Tee // Hand Knitted Hat

My goodness it's been a hectic few weeks in the run up to our birthday trip to Vienna. We leave tomorrow afternoon. The bonus of having birthdays in the same calendar week is that my other half and I often get to spend both of them on holiday together.

Unfortunately illness has struck and I've spent the last fortnight in a fairly useless germ-ridden state! I've managed very little sewing whatsoever (the sewing I attempted on my second 'Bruyere' shirt was a disaster so saving it for when my brain is more up to the task!).

I do however have a second 'Scout Tee' (by Grainline Studio) to share, this time in golden yellow poly crepe.

This fabric was not nearly as forgiving as the monochrome viscose used in number one and so whilst I'm really happy with the overall fit -the finish could certainly be improved. At some point I'll unpick the narrow hems and adjust the stitch length/feed to reduce the puckering (truth is I'll probably be lazy and leave it).

Knitting requiring less energy / brain power has been firmly on the agenda of late. You can see from the pictures (taken by my pal Hannah of Donuts & Bolts -delicious vegan food!) that I've finished a second hat complete with bobble and am very nearly done with another pair of fingerless mitts to match. Not bad for a knitting newb!

Packing time, hurrah! See you on the other side...