Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Ravelry / Knitting Update

Howdy folks! I'm mid-cutting my second 'Bruyere' blouse at the mo. I'm taking my time with it as I'm making it with a snuggly warm plaid which requires quite a lot of thought regarding placement and pattern matching so I thought in the meantime I'd share a quick knitting progress report! The images are all pulled from my Instagram feed.

I've recently discovered the website / online community 'Ravelry'. If you knit / crochet maybe this is old news but Ravelry is bloomin' great for yarn based projects! If you're buying a pattern you can see other people's reviews, finished projects and get construction tips etc. There's also a project search function including thousands of free online patterns.

So I've now completed two proper projects and have a third in progress! The first was a ribbed hat using a cheap acrylic yarn I've had hanging about the house for some time.

The next project I tackled was slightly fiddlier. I used double pointed needles to make some wrist warmers for Kirsten's birthday. The yarn used is Wendy 'Celeste' and has tiny sparkly sequins interspersed purchased from 'Get Knitted' in Brislington, Bristol.

Neither of these are perfect but as a recent 'non-knitter' I'm feeling rather pleased with myself!!

...Now back to good ol' 'Bernie' and some pattern matching!

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