Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Monochrome Grainline 'Scout' Tee

Hello! I'm on the tail end of a grueling few weeks. It's been totally non-stop so I'm extremely thankful to have finally had a little down time to get back to some sewing and generally recharge the batteries!

Enter the Grainline Studios 'Scout' tee. It's a woven t-shirt pattern by Chicago based indie designer Jen and it's been on my sewing agenda for, goodness, forever! I've finally made number one and number two is already in progress!

(Excuse the rubbish pre-work early morning photos. With my current track record better to just get it done than wait for better light).

I wanted a few more 'Non-Knits' in my wardrobe for teaching when I want to feel a little more put together. This one was made using a monochrome viscose from Fabricland. It's really soft and drapey and even better it was only £3.99 for a metre which is all I purchased (the envelope suggests more but for fabric economy I tend to cut flat rather than on the fold).

The pattern is super simple -no darts or fastenings, just 3 pieces with a bias bound neckline so it came together really swiftly. I opted for a size 2 and didn't make a single alteration as I was feeling lazy and in desperate need of something straightforward to get stuck in to. Double thumbs up! It's a little wide in the shoulders as the seam sits slightly off the shoulder (less noticeable here with the print) but totally wearable. Super pleased.

The fabric is a little shifty but handles ok and presses like a dream. I applied the neckline binding at super speed with barely any pins and it lays totally flat and smooth. I'm trying to take more care with the internal finish of garments so used french seams (aside from the armholes which are overlocked).

I can see many more of these in my future not least of all as they're so quick and satisfying to make (much like pants!!). Definitely recommend it... Now back to Scout number 2! Watch this space.


  1. Looks great! I really might have to go on and make one of these! Really like the fabric too.

    1. It'll probably turn out to be making four or five! :) The fabric was a really recent purchase so I expect it's still there.

      It's a great pattern for wardrobe staples -the only alteration I made for number 2 was a slight narrow shoulder adjustment and it's super.