Thursday, 3 September 2015

Siblings Together Quilt - It's Finished!!

So firstly my apologies to all of the wonderful people who have helped me out with making this charity quilt -due to a buegroning load of commitments it's taken me a little longer than I'd have hoped to finally polish it off, but ...IT'S DONE! ...HURRAH!

The last few hand stitches in the Dashwood 'Flurry' binding.
The quilt patch was applied with bondaweb then running stitched over the printed dash lines.
The finished size is approx 51" square.
I won't go into the ins and outs of who the finished quilt is for or how we constructed it as those details can be found in the following posts:

I just wanted to share a few finished snaps and send huge virtual thank you hugs to everyone who made it possible.
  • The Perchard clan who donated a massive 13 blocks between them!
  • Kirsten at Make&Do for the kind use of the space (and letting us raid the scrap bin whilst we were there!).
  • 'Little Fabric Bazaar' for the generous donation of the backing fabric.
  • Andie for sending us beautiful blocks in the post (in the most adorable little washi packages!).
  • Helen and Steph for coming along and suffering the madness contributing more blocks.

Thanks again folks. I'm really proud to have put this together for such a great cause. It'll be displayed in the shop for a few weeks so that everyone can have a nose, then it's off in the post ahead of the October camps to finally meet it's recipient!

I'm embarking upon a second quilt myself and will happily organise another 'Quilt Bee' social so there will be more to come.

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