Wednesday, 19 August 2015

'Snippets' Divided Basket by Noodlehead

This Saturday was the lovely Steph's birthday (my colleague at Make and Do) so the ladies and I were plotting a gift from the 3 of us.

I decided to marry two of her favourite pastimes, sewing and organising stuff, to make up this 'Divided Basket' by Anna Graham of the bloomin' brilliant blog 'Noodlehead' (Do check it out if you haven't already -great patterns and Anna has just released a GORGEOUS fabric line for Cloud9).

I picked up the PDF pattern when she was having a sale last year and it has sat printed and cut just begging to be used ever since. As ever, life gets in the way but at last I found a excuse to use it! A word of caution -HEED THE SEAM ALLOWANCE.

Yes you'd think this goes without saying but in my infinite wisdom I cut the pieces and then freestyled the construction which resulted in the lining not fitting. I had to adjust and restitch it twice. Yes.... twice (overcorrected!).

We were pondering fabric choices, Retro Orchard' by Dashwood Studios is a firm favourite but I changed my mind last minute and decided that a sewing caddy would look much better in the very appropriate 'Snippets' collection by Windham Fabrics (we have both in stock at the shop FYI).

In a most brilliant turn of events it transpired that Steph had  in the last few days, made up a pin cushion and thread catcher set in the very same collection! Happy days!

The rest of the set and filled with all of Steph's sewing goodies! Perfect size for sewing patterns.

It went down rather well, so much so that I think I may be churning them out for every birthday gift going forward ...Jemma is plotting her own for December as we speak!


  1. That's such a gorgeous gift!

    1. Thanks! Steph really liked it -Phew!

  2. Oh it's so lovely! What a great gift. You might just have inspired me to make one for my ever-expanding pattern collection too. At the moment, they're wedged into a bookshelf but it's a bit fiddly to get to the one I want. If I can just pull out the whole basket, much better! Yup, this is going on the list, which is also ever-growing!

    1. There's so much on my list I forget and never end up getting anything done! Time for a fashionary-esque sketchbook methinks. As for baskets, unfortunately I too now want one as well only I'd need about ten!! I'll keep my eyes peeled to see how you get on with it :)