Thursday, 18 June 2015

Hillary's 2015 Crafting Competition - Laptop Sleeve

A few weeks back I was sent a great piece of fabric from Hillarys to create something for their '2015 Crafting Competition'. The print is great with a hand block printed feel. Due to the scale I wanted to create something which made the most of it -something large enough to showcase it to it's fullest so I decided upon a laptop sleeve (mainly as I really needed one for carting my new laptop to and from teaching!). I also whipped up a little matching velcro cord tidy.

There's plenty of room not only for my laptop but a few music books and board pens etc -everything I need for my evenings lessons.

(side note, I don't usually treat myself to flowers but the stocks in these pictures smelt so heavenly that I couldn't pass them by! My sewing room now smells wonderfully floral)

I managed to scrape together just what I needed from my stash. It has microfibre fleece lining to prevent scratches with a quilted layer of cotton batting to give a little extra protection from bumps, and a faux leather feature band to give it a little more of a contemporary feel.

I found a huge chunky vintage zip in my stash which started out life as an opening (presumeably) jacket zip, but with a little fabric zip stopper magic it was just what I needed. Hurrah! Free (ish) laptop sleeve!

I started by assembling my outer and lining panels. Again, not wanting to detract from the print I pattern matched some incognito patch pockets for the front for holding handy bits and pieces like pens / bus pass etc. You can just about see them (or can you!) in the picture below.

It's constructed in exactly the same way as a simple zipped pouch -only super sized with more features / bulk.

Instead of topstitching the outer I understitched the fleece lining to encourage it away from the zip teeth to prevent it catching.

And a slightly rubbish last picture in my clutches to give you an idea of the scale. I really love this print -it feels quite Orla Kiely to me. I'm just about to head off to teach my Keyboard groups this evening so I'll be taking it out for a spin!

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