Monday, 18 May 2015

MMM'15 Week Two

Next little update. I appreciate that these super quick outfit snaps are a bit of a cop out but avoiding the glasses glare / awkward I-hate-photos expression is just such a chore! This at least ensures I have something to share.

I've not been all that great at keeping tabs on my comings and goings this year but I'm pretty sure that I've managed all but one (possibly two) days of 17 so far. Not too many repeats yet either -though the next two weeks may be exclusively as I tend to always reach for the same trusty garments (hello yellow cardi...).

Me-made garments: Striped peter pan top (Not yet blogged) and handmade jersey pants, navy 'Kelly' skirt with 'Watson' lingerie set, Datura blouse, Purple flurry 'Kelly' skirt (not yet blogged).

Now off to finish my summery playsuit! (...shame about the weather).

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