Thursday, 7 May 2015

MMM'15 Week One

I always find the documentation process the most tricky during 'Me Made May'. This year is no exception but I'm going to endeavour to capture at least a few photos to share per week (secretly involving hundreds of out-takes with annoying glasses glare / awkward expressions) Fun!

I started off the month with my trusty 'Datura' by Deer and Doe. I joined some friends for a casual dinner so dressed down with grey/black jeans and boots.

Saturday was a 'Make & Do' work day. I went for a recent make, my anchors 'franken-dress' with my trusty gold cardi (which will be making many many appearances over the next couple of weeks!).

I completed the first of my two handmade wardrobe additions on Sunday afternoon ahead of heading out for another get together with friends (unusually sociable last week!) unfortunately I then spilt my dinner down it ahead of taking any pictures so that one will be blogged next week.

Tuesday was another work day, and another outing of my anchors dress, only that day I dug out a belt for a spot of accessorising -I'm super lazy with this but something I aim to improve upon to feel a bit more 'put together'.

Wedsnesday saw my first 'Me-made' break of the week and today I'm wearing my 'Riding Peplum' by April Rhodes. I haven't blogged it yet as if I'm honest I'm not totally enamoured with it but despite staying casual I like to avoid wearing knit tops when I'm teaching in preference of wovens which I feel looks a little more professional. So more info on this one to come.

Week one down, three more to go!

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