Friday, 15 May 2015

April Rhodes 'Riding Peplum'

I mentioned in the first of this year's MMM'15 posts that this top hadn't yet made it on to the blog as I wasn't that enamoured with it. I got to thinking that it's a good thing to also share things that didn't quite turn out as you'd hoped here it is!

I whipped up this 'Riding Peplum' ahead of Make & Do's first birthday gathering at the shop. I decided I needed something to wear the night before so made it start to finish on Sunday morning ahead of the event, finishing the last stitches minutes before I walked out of the door.

I'm not at all keen on the bias neckline and armhole finish but this is likely due to the rushed construction. It's a little wide and I've taken to hand finishing my bias binding these days so think the topstitching looks a little sloppy.

I also whizzed round the curved hem with a short stitch length on my overlocker, again for sheer speed as time was ticking on. Ideally this would have a nice little neat narrow hem but the meticulous pressing simply wasn't an option if I wanted to get out the door in time.

On a positive note I do love the fabric! I purchased it some time ago as it was a steal at about £3 per metre but I can't remember the composition, I'm guessing it's probably some sort of drapey polyester satin type affair. I have quite a lot of this still lurking in the stash so will be using it for another blouse / dress if I can manage it as it handles brilliantly. It's lightweight but has a substance to it -not too slippery so easy to cut and sew and presses really nicely.

The lack of toile / muslin is usually a guarantee of a less-than-perfect fit unless you're super lucky. Although this one is far from a disaster I'm not sure whether it's a little fitting that's needed or simply the relaxed boxy style that isn't quite right for my shape as in it's current state it swamps my tiny frame (these pictures are the most flattering of many MANY outtakes!).

There are several lovely versions around the internet like this ones by 'Little Luvins' but without potentially adapting the pattern to include some sort of fastening to make it a little more form fitting I'm not sure it works for me. I like the idea of the dress version but I wonder how much smaller I could make it whilst still getting it over my head / shoulders...?

Another MMM'15 update is on it's way and I'm working on a brilliant vintage playsuit pattern from the 60's so will be sure to post a progress report on that one soon as well!

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