Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Bunny called 'Sausage'

...Just for fun! I whipped up this little chappy after the recent election as other half was feeling particularly glum. Just a little pick me up and despite him being 32 years old he went down a treat!

The pattern is from the sewing mag 'Simply Sewing'. I enlarged it 15% using my copier and aside from a little confusion over the dart at the forehead (took some pondering and trial and error as that part was less than clear) he came together pretty smoothly. That's coming from someone who has very little patience indeed for tiny creature making! So many small fiddly pieces.

He's been dubbed 'Sausage' due to the shape of his arms and legs. He reminds us a little of the knitted character from Harry Hill. I love that his ears stick up with the help of some batting and quilting. Apparently he needs a bow tie!

The jolly little fellow now sits on our Ikea picture ledge nestled between the Nan Lawson print I bought for other half and the tiny painting we bought at the end of the Ponte Vecchio during our trip to Florence last year (also sneaking into the picture are bits by local artists Little Birdy and Sepr).


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    1. Thanks Fran, he's very cheery looking! As you know I find it hard to resist a rabbit!