Sunday, 26 April 2015

Yellow Painted Mantel Mirror DIY

Welcome to episode #1 of Marie paints stuff ...occasionally successfully.

I acquired a great free mantel mirror a little while back from my mother's neighbour who had been hanging on to it. We've recently (Ok not-so-recently, we've been here for a whole year now yikes!) moved into a Victorian terraced house and I really wanted some interesting vintage / antique bits and pieces to balance out the 'Ikea showroom chic'

We don't have any fireplaces to hang the beast as unfortunately they've all been ripped out but I thought it would be quite nice in the hallway with some plants up top. I actually thought it would be smaller seeing it up on their wall, but when we got it back home it suddenly felt enormous! 

I decided it had to be brightly painted. I'm not really much of a 'Shabby Chic' kinda gal so I went for yellow gloss which I slapped straight on top of the previous cream emulsion. The picture above doesn't really do the colour justice at all, it's a lovely warm sunny shade. It could really do with a light sand and a second coat... good intentions and all that but the likelihood is it'll stay as is for now.

I am however planning to add to the plants, I've thrown in what I have for the time being but I'd definitely like a few leafy ferns to go with my Sherlock Mouse (present from other half for Christmas), you can just about see his little felt pipe. On the other side is a magnifying glass.

I think it really brightens up an otherwise boring entrance. Had any luck with upcycling? I think I need to get to grips with spray paint, but I make such a mess.

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