Sunday, 5 April 2015

Update - Siblings Together Quilt Progress Report

Firstly for all those who celebrate it -Happy Easter! I had intended to share a bit of a progress report after our latest sewing session on Friday but this happened...

So let this be a little warning for all you rotary cutter users! If you're tired / achey then PUT DOWN THE ROTARY CUTTER! I had thought that if each time I sit to make a few blocks I can just push through and make up one more then the inevitable topping up of blocks at the end would be much less tiresome, but that plan turned out to be a silly one and I sliced into my finger.

Anyway, Emma and I got through 8 extra blocks in the end taking the total up to around 20 out of 36. Over the half way mark!

So here are my 6 blocks so far with the new 4 from Friday below.

It's coming along nicely. It's so exciting to see it grow with them all laid out across the floor. Our group quilt will be super bright and cheery!

Again if you'd like to contribute, there's a block tutorial here, and the postal address is below.

Stokes Croft Stitching
c/o Make & Do
83 Sandy Park Road
Brislington, Bristol

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