Monday, 13 April 2015

Quilted Cushion - Bark & Branch, Eloise Renouf

Our work on the house, though prolific at first, has ground to a halt of late. Our bedroom is not far off but there's still a lot to do (Hence no proper room pictures just yet!).

I (cheapskate that I am) bought an inexpensive 100% cotton plain dyed duvet set to use as the base for curtains by splitting the double duvet and I'm using the remaining side for a matching quilt back (already perfect double bed sized).

I wanted a few scatter cushions to go with my yet-to-be-decided-upon quilt (can't have too many of them right?) so harvested a little more of the dark grey from a pillow case to turn it into a matching cushion.

It has a super simple hidden zip closure, been meaning to whip up a tute for that as I know of a couple of ladies still intimidated by anything other than envelope covers. It's so easy I promise! I'll be sure to take pictures as I go when I make the next... and of course there will be a next, and another, and another. Yay cushions!

I love this Eloise Renouf fabric so much. I'm not usually a pink gal (at all) but the subject matter and illustrative quality with the grey and gorgeous golden yellow are a definite winner for me.

I layered an off-cut of quilt wadding / batting behind the cushion front and quilted straight lines with my walking foot to create a diamond pattern. It gives the cushion a lovely texture and in my humble opinion a more luxurious finish than leaving it plan. It's pretty easy to keep them even if you have a stitch line guide bar attachment thingy too (technical term).

Eventually I may share some more pictures of the finished room (providing it ever actually gets finished of course!!) and a few details about my painted yellow bedstead. I do however have a few painted mantel mirror pictures to share soon.

I'm in a yellow phase. Stand still in my home long enough and I'm likely to try to paint you yellow too!

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