Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Few Recent Finishes

Why hello! Dud finger is still slowing me down a little and it seems my laptop is on it's last legs so I thought I'd share a few pictures of some recent little finishes (whilst I'm still able to eek).

None of them are in any way ground breaking but sometimes you just need a couple of small scale filler projects to keep the 'sew-jo' ticking over and generate a little motivation to crack into the bigger stuff!

My Piano teacher Lynn holds a Christmas / Easter raffle and Summer concert raising money for local animal charities. This coin purse was a raffle prize which I donated. Originally I figured rabbits -you can't go wrong with a bunny amiright? But then I had a change of heart and thought that this very appropriate tiny music note fabric would have a broader appeal. It's lined with a little of the red dupion.

Next up I finally finished off Mother's birthday album. I used a few of my hexies from my 'Very Berry Fabrics' birthday gift to make a linen cover and edited and reprinted a load of really old photographs, some dating back to the 1940's! I just love the really old ones.

Lastly I was asked by a friend to step in and help with an embroidery motif to be contributed to a wedding dress no less (I know, no pressure!!) so here's a little snap. I went with some boullion loop forget-me-nots, lazy daisy erm, daisy and some french knot blossom.

So there we are. I have some pretty big sewing plans for the next few months so my posts (laptop situation allowing) may be a little sporadic for a while -then again it's 'Me Made May' (hurrah!) so who knows...

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