Sunday, 26 April 2015

Yellow Painted Mantel Mirror DIY

Welcome to episode #1 of Marie paints stuff ...occasionally successfully.

I acquired a great free mantel mirror a little while back from my mother's neighbour who had been hanging on to it. We've recently (Ok not-so-recently, we've been here for a whole year now yikes!) moved into a Victorian terraced house and I really wanted some interesting vintage / antique bits and pieces to balance out the 'Ikea showroom chic'

We don't have any fireplaces to hang the beast as unfortunately they've all been ripped out but I thought it would be quite nice in the hallway with some plants up top. I actually thought it would be smaller seeing it up on their wall, but when we got it back home it suddenly felt enormous! 

I decided it had to be brightly painted. I'm not really much of a 'Shabby Chic' kinda gal so I went for yellow gloss which I slapped straight on top of the previous cream emulsion. The picture above doesn't really do the colour justice at all, it's a lovely warm sunny shade. It could really do with a light sand and a second coat... good intentions and all that but the likelihood is it'll stay as is for now.

I am however planning to add to the plants, I've thrown in what I have for the time being but I'd definitely like a few leafy ferns to go with my Sherlock Mouse (present from other half for Christmas), you can just about see his little felt pipe. On the other side is a magnifying glass.

I think it really brightens up an otherwise boring entrance. Had any luck with upcycling? I think I need to get to grips with spray paint, but I make such a mess.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Very Berry 6th ATC Swap

I joined in with the 6th Very Berry Handmade ATC swap. I didn't have the foresight this time to take any as I went but here are some snaps of my latest little effort. It measures a mere 2.5" x 3.5".

The theme was 'Home Sweet Home'. My last ATC was a little more abstract with just colours and textures from the theme but this one's evidently a little more literal. My swap partner mentioned liking the colours pink, purple, and blue so I worked them in and I just couldn't resist squeezing in a bunny too!

I loved the ATC I received in return but haven't had a chance to take any pictures yet so will maybe post one in a wee while.

There are lots of pictures in the Flickr group if you fancy taking a peek at some of the other teeny tiny works of art.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Few Recent Finishes

Why hello! Dud finger is still slowing me down a little and it seems my laptop is on it's last legs so I thought I'd share a few pictures of some recent little finishes (whilst I'm still able to eek).

None of them are in any way ground breaking but sometimes you just need a couple of small scale filler projects to keep the 'sew-jo' ticking over and generate a little motivation to crack into the bigger stuff!

My Piano teacher Lynn holds a Christmas / Easter raffle and Summer concert raising money for local animal charities. This coin purse was a raffle prize which I donated. Originally I figured rabbits -you can't go wrong with a bunny amiright? But then I had a change of heart and thought that this very appropriate tiny music note fabric would have a broader appeal. It's lined with a little of the red dupion.

Next up I finally finished off Mother's birthday album. I used a few of my hexies from my 'Very Berry Fabrics' birthday gift to make a linen cover and edited and reprinted a load of really old photographs, some dating back to the 1940's! I just love the really old ones.

Lastly I was asked by a friend to step in and help with an embroidery motif to be contributed to a wedding dress no less (I know, no pressure!!) so here's a little snap. I went with some boullion loop forget-me-nots, lazy daisy erm, daisy and some french knot blossom.

So there we are. I have some pretty big sewing plans for the next few months so my posts (laptop situation allowing) may be a little sporadic for a while -then again it's 'Me Made May' (hurrah!) so who knows...

Monday, 13 April 2015

Quilted Cushion - Bark & Branch, Eloise Renouf

Our work on the house, though prolific at first, has ground to a halt of late. Our bedroom is not far off but there's still a lot to do (Hence no proper room pictures just yet!).

I (cheapskate that I am) bought an inexpensive 100% cotton plain dyed duvet set to use as the base for curtains by splitting the double duvet and I'm using the remaining side for a matching quilt back (already perfect double bed sized).

I wanted a few scatter cushions to go with my yet-to-be-decided-upon quilt (can't have too many of them right?) so harvested a little more of the dark grey from a pillow case to turn it into a matching cushion.

It has a super simple hidden zip closure, been meaning to whip up a tute for that as I know of a couple of ladies still intimidated by anything other than envelope covers. It's so easy I promise! I'll be sure to take pictures as I go when I make the next... and of course there will be a next, and another, and another. Yay cushions!

I love this Eloise Renouf fabric so much. I'm not usually a pink gal (at all) but the subject matter and illustrative quality with the grey and gorgeous golden yellow are a definite winner for me.

I layered an off-cut of quilt wadding / batting behind the cushion front and quilted straight lines with my walking foot to create a diamond pattern. It gives the cushion a lovely texture and in my humble opinion a more luxurious finish than leaving it plan. It's pretty easy to keep them even if you have a stitch line guide bar attachment thingy too (technical term).

Eventually I may share some more pictures of the finished room (providing it ever actually gets finished of course!!) and a few details about my painted yellow bedstead. I do however have a few painted mantel mirror pictures to share soon.

I'm in a yellow phase. Stand still in my home long enough and I'm likely to try to paint you yellow too!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Update - Siblings Together Quilt Progress Report

Firstly for all those who celebrate it -Happy Easter! I had intended to share a bit of a progress report after our latest sewing session on Friday but this happened...

So let this be a little warning for all you rotary cutter users! If you're tired / achey then PUT DOWN THE ROTARY CUTTER! I had thought that if each time I sit to make a few blocks I can just push through and make up one more then the inevitable topping up of blocks at the end would be much less tiresome, but that plan turned out to be a silly one and I sliced into my finger.

Anyway, Emma and I got through 8 extra blocks in the end taking the total up to around 20 out of 36. Over the half way mark!

So here are my 6 blocks so far with the new 4 from Friday below.

It's coming along nicely. It's so exciting to see it grow with them all laid out across the floor. Our group quilt will be super bright and cheery!

Again if you'd like to contribute, there's a block tutorial here, and the postal address is below.

Stokes Croft Stitching
c/o Make & Do
83 Sandy Park Road
Brislington, Bristol