Monday, 2 February 2015

Hexie Piecing #2 - Perfect Points

I posted the first part of this little English Paper Piecing (EPP) tutorial last week, covering the stitch and method I use to easily piece hexagons with invisible stitches. I have another little 'habit' to share but thought to make it more digestible I'd break it down into a second post (there were so many pictures, so much editing! Yeah I'm lazy).

So today I'm going to cover adding further hexies (for those just getting started) and how I go about neatly joining the points.

Starting where we left off with out two hexies from the last post the next one if placed right sides facing, matching up one of the straight sides (half of the total seam) along the top.

Take a stitch through both at the edge and secure as before, working your way toward the centre point all the while keeping a close eye on matching up those corners.

Take the last stitch through the very point at which the corners meet. At this stage I like to open out my pieces flat and take another stitch this time joining the point of the next hexie along.

You can see in the picture above that my thread has come out at the point of the top left having joined with the hexie below, and is being taken down right through the point of the adjoining right (angling from the seam allowance out towards the folded edge).

I then flip my pieces so that the right sides are facing up and take my needle back down through the original point (angling from the very edge of the fold inward towards the seam allowance).

I pull the thread nice and taut then align the remainder of the seam, folding the previous hexie to do so, and carry on stitching the rest of the way. Secure and snip when you reach the next point.

The fabric I'm using here is beautiful Liberty lawn which is much more lightweight than the quilting weight cotton I usually use so a little word of warning, be a little cautious with the tugging when using finer fabrics!

Taking time with that stitch where the points meet gives a little extra strength at the join and opening them out flat gives me better visibility so I can match the points accurately placing the stitches exactly where I want them. Seems sensible to me anyway -but I'd be curious to know if you think it makes any difference at all... Any tried and tested tips?

If EPP floats your boat and you're looking to up your game then I definitely recommend reading Florence's post regarding fussy cutting techniques, and whilst you're there her Passacaglia cogs are just awe inspiring!

Happy Stitching x

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