Sunday, 15 February 2015

Christmas Things! - Handmade Quilt

Boy has this post been some time in the making! This was intended to be finished as a Christmas present for my other half's parents but fell by the wayside somewhat!

So the delay originated in my indecision with fabric choosing. I wanted it to remain a surprise but it's always hard to choose something for someone else's taste particularly when the stakes are so high with the sheer number of work hours...

After much deliberation I ended up making a bit of a compromise in getting OH's mum to pop in to the shop to pick out some fabrics for a mysterious surprise project. She was drawn to two Riley Blake prints in teal and black so I paired them with some basic black spotty for a bit of contrast, and some teal for a pop of colour.

The pale grey was a bit of a cheat. I purchased a 100% cotton duvet set, using one side for the backing and the remainder for the sashing and binding.

I assembled the blocks into rows first, pressing the seams in different directions then joined the rows to form the quilt top.

...And so to the next hurdle. I attempted straight line quilting 1cm apart without a walking foot (seemed like a great idea at the time) but was disappointed with the finish (and the pace!) so spent several hours unpicking. For such a labour intensive project I didn't want to be unhappy with the end result so ordered a walking foot and went against my usual inclination and took the time to start over, this time with lines spaced around 1.5 inches.

At first despite the walking foot there was a bit of dragging / distortion between the layers. It took a while with such an expanse or fabric (1.7m x 1.9m) to get into the swing of it but I eventually developed a bit of a technique of applying some tension as it fed through the machine to get a better result.

I quite enjoy the binding process, hand stitching it for a nice clean finish. I picked my way through it over the course of two evenings in front of the television. Have to say though I had sore fingers by the end!

I had considered stitching a little quilt patch but I just love this 'Handmade' tape by 'East of India' and thought it would finish it off nicely.

Luckily it was really well received which was a huge relief! There were definitely some hairy moments along the way but for my first proper large scale quilt project I think it turned out rather well.

I have a 'Quilty' charity venture in the pipeline so quilting locals stay tuned for further info!

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