Sunday, 11 January 2015

Watson Sewalong by Cloth Habit

With Bernie at Direct Sewing Machines for a bit of TLC I've decided to stay in my pyjamas this morning and do a little project pondering!

You may notice a new button in the sidebar for the 'Watson' sewalong. It's a brilliant new bra & bikini pattern by Amy at Cloth Habit that's been doing the rounds in blogland for the last month or so.

Watson Sew Along by Cloth Habit

I'm trying to make good on my 2015 bra making goal nice and early whilst the motivation is still there so I've grabbed myself a copy of the pattern and am preparing and gathering goodies to take part in the sewalong. I have some lycra sitting in my stash so I'll try it out with that then invest in something lovely for round two.

I figure it's a great basic pattern to start with as there are no underwires and casings to contend with and the stretch element is probably a bit more forgiving in the fitting department -plus there will be loads of tips and tricks provided to take a bit of the 'trial and error' out of it.

Tasia over at Sewaholic has made some beautiful versions already, but I can't wait to see what everyone else makes (there's a dedicated Facebook group HERE). It's always great to get some inspiration from other sewists around the world.

So what do you say? Fancy joining in...?

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