Friday, 30 January 2015

Update - My Sewing Week

It's been quite an eclectic week as far as sewing goes. I've been busy making removable velcro curtaining for a stage at a music venue, whipped up a curtain for my sewing studio / piano room and had a last minute 'Kristoff' costume request for a child's 'Frozen' party tomorrow. Phew.

I took a few quick snaps in the dappled early morning sun before dropping the costume off this morning. It's far from a proper tutorial or 'How To' but I'm told there is very little on offer for boys so in case of any further 'Frozen' emergencies I thought I'd share a really quick breakdown of how I put it together.

I didn't have time to properly draft fitted pattern pieces so using some standard measurements I free-handed the tunic shape from fleece (which is fairly forgiving in terms of fit) adding a little decorative neck facing with a pinked edge (applied to the wrong side and turned outwards to topstitch) and grey fur trim at the armholes and hem.

I made the trim from sheet fur, folding strips wrong sides together and running it through my overlocker to make it easier to apply.

The little sash was super straightforward. The bonus of working in fleece is there's no fraying to contend with so it's simply a strip with fringing snipped into the short ends.

The little hat turned out quite cute! I cut a wide strip just a couple of inches longer than the head circumference, cut it into two and added a little more of the grey trim when stitching it into a tube.

I cut another narrower strip which was stitched at the short end into a second tube. I folded this wrong sides together and applied it to the raw edge of the (inside out) larger first tube. The band simply turns outward covering all of the raw edges and to finish I wedged it onto my head (it was pretty snug!) gathering it up and tying off the excess. Finally a last little trim!

My sewing room is coming along nicely. I've hung some of my certificates and my hysterical Christmas pressie from Kirsten (thanks!) -a Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (hunky man) Calendar.

I recently updated my storage with Ikea 'Trofast' toy storage units with sliding plastic drawers. They're easily removable for rummaging and come in different depths. It's the perfect accessible craft storage only they are quite ugly. I decided to attach a lightweight curtain with some curtain wire just to clean things up a bit (though clearing the junk from the top would probably help it along...).

The cotton is a peppermint green with white spots from Make & Do and although it works quite nicely, now it's done I'm not 100% sold on it. Perhaps it's just where the mirror is resting for now but it sort of reminds me of a 1950's dressing table or something. It's also just a wee bit lighter in colour than I'd hoped. That said it's great usable fabric so even if I update it it's sure to get used!

So that's my week so far. I have a little jersey sewing planned for this weekend and really must crack on with a belated Christmas pressie (more on that when it's finished)! I hope that your week has been a good one!

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