Friday, 2 January 2015

Resolutions and that...

Hello 2015! I feel like the obligatory 'round-up / resolution post' is in order to mark the beginning of the new year.

New Year's Eve is not something that I really tend to celebrate (not least of all due to being ill for a number of them) but I have to say I do quite enjoy the feeling of some tiny form of fresh start -where the world once again feels like your oyster albeit temporarily.

So what happened in 2014? The main marker for me was moving into our new house which is still very much a work in progress but we love it. Lots of home sewing plans in the pipeline.

First home project - Sofa cover and cushions update.
Make and Do's first birthday celebrations.
I started working with the ladies in the shop which has been great fun and has introduced me to lots of lovely like minded folk, and I've started piano teaching (keyboards technically) which isn't something that gets discussed much in these parts amongst all things craft related.

My plans for 2015 involve finishing my piano diploma (a huge undertaking which I'll be immensely proud to complete) and starting my teaching from home.

I also intend to tackle bra making. It's something that I've pondered for a while but the perseverance with fitting and adjusting has put me off. No longer!! Tasia over at 'Sewaholic' is to thank for this -lots of inspiration over there.

I suppose that plans aren't strictly resolutions so to add a few to the mix mine will be:

Take more time to properly fit garments (yes -that means toile making!!) something I often skip then later regret. 

Get a handle on my outrageous sweet tooth and get back into good cooking habits.

So there we go. I have to say I'm feeling more hopeful about the former... How about you? Any resolutions for the brand new year ahead? I hope it's a happy and prosperous one for us all.

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