Sunday, 21 December 2014

'Pinspiration' - Hexie Paper Piecing

With my usual outstanding timing I've been struck down with some vile cold / flu type bug. Conveniently just before Christmas when my 'to-do' list is at it's peak and there are lot's of fun outings to miss. The one upshot is that I have been able to spend a little quality time with my (newly covered!) sofa and crack into my little birthday treat courtesy of the lovely Steph and Jemma (thanks guys!!).

The pack shown above is a pre-cut hexie pack from Ali's (Very Berry Handmade) online store including 70 x 1 inch templates and 70 pieces of beautiful Liberty Lawn in a great range of colours and prints.

I currently have no idea what to use them for as they seem so precious they need just the right project. In pursuit of said project I'd been poking around good ol' Pinterest for inspiration so thought I'd share a little of what I've found.

I can't seem to remember / find a few of the tutorials I originally referenced when starting with hexagons. There are absolutely loads about the blogosphere but the few that I've looked at aren't quite the same method that I've settled into for ensuring that the stitches aren't visible from the front (not that it's essential of course -just a different aesthetic!) so I'll take a few snaps and share a few tips when I start to assemble them.

So for now I'll return to my tissues and TV and with any luck be right as rain in no time and able to share all of the exciting (secret) things I've been working on!

Happy 'Winter Solstice' -here's to the return of Summer!

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