Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Things! - Scrappy Patchwork Diary Set

'Brown paper packages tied up with string...' Or red and white bakers twine and buttons to be more precise.

I thought I'd share a few 'mid-wrapping' snaps of the first of the Christmas projects I've been working on -a little matching diary and glasses case set for other half's Nan.

They have a natural linen base with a decorative scrappy pieced stripe. Both are fastened with my old favourite -a trusty 'Kam' snap and I've used some Vilene fusible fleece to give them a little more substance / body.

I am so glad that I invested in a set of 'Kam' pliers. At the time I wondered if they would really see any use but they're absolutely great. I even use them for clothing, basically anywhere a button style closure is required as they're so quick and easy to install. Love them!

Next up 'Lady Skater' #2!

I do hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas, our was nice and relaxing -though still quite germy unfortunately! Lot's of good food, festive television and a fairly heated game of Monopoly.

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