Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas Things! - Lady Skater #2

The next on my list of secret Christmas sewing is this second 'Lady Skater' dress for other half's sister (first one and a little further info HERE).

I love the fabric! It's a great printed jersey which I purchased from Plush Addict earlier in the year after it's recipient's return from a trip to Japan. Jen's a big 'Hello Kitty' fan and jersey dresses are her wardrobe staple so I hoped this cute printed one wouldn't disappoint!

 So alterations... Firstly the bodice has been shortened around 1" and the skirt by 2". I cut 3/4 length sleeves and omitted the cuffs, instead choosing to overlock and hem the raw edge. They have a comfy loose fit and finish just at the elbow.

The hemline was treated the same way, the overlocked edge pressed under 3/4" then hemmed with the same long narrow zig-zag stitch used for the seams. I do have a twin stretch needle which I used for my own 'Lady Skater' but omitted it here solely for laziness speed and to be honest I don't think it has any negative impact on the finish at all.

As a little finishing touch I folded and inserted a little tag into the centre back when attaching the neck band. It's a beautiful 'Handmade' ribbon by East of India from the shop. (Unfortunately I underestimated the seam allowance so at first glance says 'andmade') Ah well! 

One more Christmas project left to share -it's a biggie! So big in fact that with all the germs I was unable to finish it off in time so it's still under construction. More on that one when it's ready.

Till then wishing you a wonderful New Year's Eve, here's hoping that 2015 is a happy and prosperous year all round!

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