Saturday, 20 September 2014

First Birthday & Fabric Love

I finally have a 'Riding Peplum' by April Rhodes waiting in the wings to be photographed. Here are a few sneaky pictures of it's first outing at Make & Do's first birthday tea party (aren't the button cupcakes amazing!).

So more on that one later! I've not had much time for post writing of late but I have squeezed in a little perusing of the virtual world for fabric.

Two that have recently made it onto my Pinterest board are 'Panache Profondo' from 'Petal & Plume' by Bari J and 'Adventure Springs' from 'Hello Bear' by Bonnie Christine -both for Art Gallery Fabrics.

I love the muted colours and simplicity of the prints, right up my alley (you may notice a bit of a theme developing on the board). I also love the fact that a selection of knits including these two are available from both collections as I've been intending to branch out a little with more knits (like Kitschy Coo's Lady Skater) making their way onto my 'To-Do' list.

Alas, these projects may have to take a back seat as the dreaded C*****mas sewing will shortly be commencing (the C-word is still banned by other half in our home!).


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    1. Thanks! :) It's been a really lovely place to work -though done me no favours in the fabric hoarding stakes!