Saturday, 9 August 2014

Flamingo Tote Bag & 'Purselet'

Howdy folks. The 'Festival of Quilts' in currently in full swing up at the NEC in Birmingham. My colleagues and I are super excited to be heading up tomorrow and are busy whipping up a few last minute bits to take along!

I had a good chunk of each fabric left over from a reversible tote which I made yesterday using some brilliant Riley Blake Flamingo fabric from the store. Rather than add it to the rapidly expanding scraps collection (possibly to not see the light of day for several months!) I thought I'd use it to make myself a little purse.

This expanded into a phone case / key ring / zipped purse hybrid which isn't quite a 'wristlet' so I've dubbed it a 'purselet'.

I won't bore you with the millionth 'Zipped Pouch' tutorial as there are lots of great ones already out there in the blogosphere. One that I recommend (and have done several times before) is this one by Ali at VeryBerryHandmade. It's not quite what I've made here but it's clear and concise and easily adaptable.

I applied fusible fleece (my latest favourite find) to the outer pieces and interfaced the lining to give it some structure. Just for fun I added a few lines of quilting on the top corner of the front. There is a split pocket added to the inside for cards, and a phone pocket added to the back panel secured with a 'Kam' snap tab.

As with every prototype there are bits and pieces which I would change for future makes. This time it's hand stitching the turning hole (which I always do so who knows why I decided to machine it this time??), adding a little extra height so that cards fit less snuggly and reducing the bulk from the seams more before turning. That said I'm pretty darn chuffed with my little purselet!

And the matching tote bag isn't half bad either! ...Birmingham here we come!!


  1. So cute! Those flamingos are awesome. I love the color combination.

    1. Me too! As soon as it arrived in our little shop I knew it had to be mine :) it has a real sense of humour about it!