Thursday, 28 August 2014

Deer & Doe Wish List

Firstly 'Hurrah!!' ...this is my 100th post, so the usual milestone comments about my sticking power and how it's a minor miracle that I'm still picking away at my little blog apply!

So that's all very exciting -but so is this! French pattern company 'Deer and Doe' have released a beautiful new shirt dress pattern which is firmly on my wish list. It's called 'Bruyere' and is long sleeved, fitted to the waist and flared to tunic length over the hips.

The 'Datura' blouse has long been on my dressmaking to-do list but I've held off on purchasing it as I've not spotted any in the UK. Shipping from Europe is not inexpensive but now that this little beauty has just been released I may have to bite the bullet and order them both!

I love the aesthetic of this indie pattern company. The designs are clean and simple but with really lovely little touches to set them apart. Be sure to have a look at the other patterns available at their online store not least of all the free (yes, free!) Plantain tee pdf pattern.

Fellow blogger Anna at Paunnet has some gorgeous examples of various Deer and Doe garments and her blog is just brilliant so if you're not already familiar with it then do head over there too!

Any other takers? Which would you go for?

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