Sunday, 13 July 2014

Quilt Now

Now for the record I have actually finished my Lady Skater dress! Germ-y as I currently am I'm holding off on taking the pictures so thought you'd like to join me on the sofa where I'm hiding away in my PJ's for a peek at the first installment of the brand spanking new 'Quilt Now' magazine which arrived on my doorstep yesterday.

Thanks to Kerry (who happens to be featured) over at 'VeryKerryBerry' I made the most of the 'First 3 issues for £5' offer ahead of it's release and I'm glad I took the plunge.

Now I've not done that much in the way of quilting so far (a little EPP and some un-blogged rail fence blockwork) but I have a few big projects on the agenda and this seemed just the ticket for a little inspiration.

Along with the very first issue came a little introduction to quilting techniques (a tad basic for my needs but great if you're new to sewing) and a sweet little strawberry shaped pin cushion kit which I made up whilst curled up on the sofa watching 'Moonrise Kingdom'.

The layout and aesthetics of the magazine are really lovely. It has quite a fresh contemporary feel which I love plus It's full of great full page pictures.

Content wise there are a variety of smaller scale projects as well as the obvious quilts (in this issue cushions, bags,  place mats, storage boxes and a pencil case) with full sized templates as well as little introduction snippets on various industry names such as fabric / pattern designer April Rhodes and Pat Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics.

I thoroughly enjoyed this first issue and definitely plan to make up a few of the projects, first up being the hexies pencil case (above) -looking forward to issue #2 (though my 'to-do' list is getting out of control!).

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