Thursday, 10 July 2014

Lady Skater Jersey Dress

Almost 4 months after purchasing the first 'Perfect Pattern Parcel' I've finally got around to printing and sticking my 'Lady Skater' PDF pattern by Kitschy Coo.

I had a few troubles with the printing side of this one, so would recommend not using your default PDF reader to print from (I downloaded Adobe Reader which solved the page sizing problem). If I'm honest I do find the cutting and sticking aspect to be a bit of a pain -but hey! I'm a fan of instant gratification plus as I've previously mentioned, the wastage is fairly minimal in comparison to shipping a printed copy.

There are some fantastic examples across the blogosphere, I'm going for something quite similar to Clare's over at Sew Dixie Lou (below) only slightly lighter in both shade and weight with the 3/4 sleeve option. For once I've decided to give myself a break as I'm feeling pretty unwell and just go with the pattern, making no modifications aside from fitting adjustments.

In order to skip the printing and cutting should I wish to re-use the master copy for another size I've taken the time to trace my pattern pieces using a tracing wheel and cut them from wallpaper lining (little tip for ya, it's cheap and strong enough to withstand multiple uses).

I've re-bought my stretch needles as I managed to lose the first lot and my grey jersey is pre-washed and ready to go -so I'm off for a nice leisurely dressmaking afternoon!

I'll let you know how I get on!

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