Sunday, 20 July 2014

Kitschy Coo Lady Skater - Finished

Well I have to say this dress came together like a dream! We had a little sunshine this morning after the storms of the last few days so 'other half' and I took a little stroll around our local park. I thought I'd use the opportunity to take some pictures to share.

Feeling really quite unwell on the day that I made this, I wanted a project which I could dive into using the very least brain power possible so I opted to skip making a toile (muslin). Being 5'3" and having read that the pattern was drafted at knee length for 5'5" I simply shortened the bodice a fraction and trimmed the skirt by 1.5" so it sits just above the knee.

Construction wise I was concerned that there would be lot of fiddling with tensions / stitches but good ol' Bernie managed the jersey like a trooper -so much so that I decided to stick with my standard machine for seams, using my overlocker only for internal finishing (I don't yet have grey spools and the stitches are less taught meaning occasionally the thread shows from the right side).

Having played about with a few stitch options I settled upon a simple narrow zig-zag (3.75L x 0.8W) which worked like a charm, even for top stitching.

For the hem I turned in 1" and used a twin stretch needle at 2cm, leaving the excess on the inside rather than catching the raw edge between the stitches on the rear. When playing around with a scrap piece I found that this coupled with a longer stitch length and lower bobbin tension yielded a nice flat hem with no 'tunneling' between the straight stitches on the right side.

I do feel that I'd make one or two further adjustments were I to make another (namely eliminating a little of the excess around the shoulder area where I'm quite petite) but for a first attempt I'm super pleased with the outcome and I'm quite sure this will be an instant wardrobe staple! It's boring plain grey so can be worn with just about anything and is perfect for throwing on and running out the door!

Anyone else made one? Or tempted?


  1. I love this dress, its simple but can be dressed up in so many ways. you look stunning in it Marie, and it fits you perfectly...x

    1. Thank you! I like that it's pretty versatile -I'm thinking tights and cardi for the winter. Fit wise I'd definitely grade the next one down a size at the shoulders / sleeve but it's pretty good for a first draft!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I continue to be impressed with your talent Marie x

    1. Shucks, thanks! give it a few months and you'll be showing me a thing or two I'm sure!