Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Foxy Cooper

This turned into quite the belated Christmas pressie but my 'Cooper' by Colette Patterns is finally finished! (It was in fact finished last month to take on our holiday to Italy, but somehow I totally forgot to take any pictures until now ...oops!)

I originally posted in February about having bought the fabrics and received all of the hardware, and for several months it sat cut out ready to go in my vast pile of unfinished projects. Naughty naughty.

It was made using a sturdy waxed cotton and cotton drill outer and has several external and internal pockets and features adjustable straps (It looks a slightly peculiar shape in the pictures as it contained A4 ringbinders at the time). I decided to opt for lobster clasp closures instead of magnets as I wanted it to be a little more secure.

I just LOVE the fox lining from the 'Wildwood' collection for UK 'Dashwood Studios'. It's subtle enough to be acceptable for a not-so-flashy man bag but adds a little handmade personality and fun.

The bag came together pretty easily -to be honest even as a bit of a rush job I'm still really pleased with the finish. Thankfully it must have gone down well as it's been in pretty much constant use for the last 6 weeks and seems to be holding up ok.

It's a great pattern so I thoroughly recommend taking a look -particularly as it's a '3-for-the-price-of-1' with a messenger and pannier option ...one for myself next perhaps?

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