Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Me Made May '14 - Week One

Part of my 'Me Made May' pledge this year was to try to better document my experience as last year I did very poorly as #1 I hate being photographed, and #2 I look really silly in almost all of them resulting in it becoming a very arduous and time consuming exercise!

As I'm working in the 'Wardrobe Architect' element this time around (which I've mentioned a few times in previous posts) I thought it would prove really helpful so here is my first little progress report...

DAY ONE. I have yet to write up a post / take some proper pictures of my latest self drafted vest. It's my 'go'to' garment and it's super easy to construct -I can make it start to finish in a few hours. Plus I know that it's a safe bet shape that I'll wear all the time. I made it using fabric from Tula Pink's 'Acacia' collection.

DAY TWO. Involved lots of errands and a physio session that required garments I didn't have in 'me -made's, so rest day!

DAY THREE. I wore my self drafted dress (earlier variant of the one above simply lengthened with an elasticated waist and faux button feature) to work so thought I'd take a quick snap with the best possible backdrop! I also wore my handmade silver jewellery, made and given to me by my friend Alice (thank you again I LOVE it).

DAY FOUR. We headed to an informal dinner with my other half's family (to drop off a 'holiday bag' gift which I'd made that day). I wore my 'Kelly' skirt by Megan Nielsen but to change it up a little I went for a narrow woven belt instead of my usual matching tied one.

DAY FIVE. I wore a variation of the outfit above but with a 'Mother-made' dark red cardi which I'll take some pictures of as soon as I get around to adding the buttons!

DAY SIX. Today I finally made (and plan to wear all day if I can get away with it!) my 'Rainy Day' pyjama shorts using a beautiful 'Blown Away' cotton print by Josephine Kimberling. I fell in love with it as soon as it arrived in the shop.

So with five days of wearing 'me-made's that's my first week taken care of! I've also crossed one of my new garments off of the list -hurrah! I'm finding it a little tricky to take decent pictures in our new house though. It feels bright and airy, but there just seems to be nowhere you can stand without ending up with a grainy mess. I've been resorting to playing around with filters in the hope of coming up with something semi-usable!

 One of the best bits of 'MMM' is definitely the Flickr group. I've been loving all of the picture updates -lot's of inspiration to be had. Let's hope I can keep it up for week two!

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