Saturday, 31 May 2014

'Me Made May '14' Conclusion.

Gosh these past few weeks have been HECTIC fun, with an unexpectedly crazy work schedule and tonnes to do before I head off on holiday! ...So I've dropped the ball a little with the MMM'14 pictures (no huge surprises there!).

I have been very good though and have managed to wear a 'Me-made' item pretty much every day! Here's a little photographic evidence of my Tula Pink vest from last week's 'Grown-ups Craft Club' which I hosted.

We made felt mice... It was fun! Here's a little more 'Me-made' evidence -wasn't expecting to work a super hero cape into my outfit (they're for a child's birthday party) but as well as the cape / mask, my dress is handmade too!

I've once again really enjoyed my 'MMM' experience (though resigned myself to failing once again with the documentation!). I've worked several of my handmade garments into my usual 'go-to' rotation and have lots of plans for more. The prospect of becoming less and less reliant on store bought clothing is pretty great.

Unfortunately due to the aforementioned ridiculous schedule I've needed to put a few projects on the back burner (Wardrobe Architect included!) but fear not -I will definitely be getting stuck into finishing it off upon my return! I have a whole host of posts-in-progress that I'm looking forward to finishing off and sharing (including my newly bright yellow bed frame!). In the mean time I may even write a few from Italy! A gelato diary perhaps?

So 'Arrivederci' and see you on the other side! x

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