Saturday, 31 May 2014

'Me Made May '14' Conclusion.

Gosh these past few weeks have been HECTIC fun, with an unexpectedly crazy work schedule and tonnes to do before I head off on holiday! ...So I've dropped the ball a little with the MMM'14 pictures (no huge surprises there!).

I have been very good though and have managed to wear a 'Me-made' item pretty much every day! Here's a little photographic evidence of my Tula Pink vest from last week's 'Grown-ups Craft Club' which I hosted.

We made felt mice... It was fun! Here's a little more 'Me-made' evidence -wasn't expecting to work a super hero cape into my outfit (they're for a child's birthday party) but as well as the cape / mask, my dress is handmade too!

I've once again really enjoyed my 'MMM' experience (though resigned myself to failing once again with the documentation!). I've worked several of my handmade garments into my usual 'go-to' rotation and have lots of plans for more. The prospect of becoming less and less reliant on store bought clothing is pretty great.

Unfortunately due to the aforementioned ridiculous schedule I've needed to put a few projects on the back burner (Wardrobe Architect included!) but fear not -I will definitely be getting stuck into finishing it off upon my return! I have a whole host of posts-in-progress that I'm looking forward to finishing off and sharing (including my newly bright yellow bed frame!). In the mean time I may even write a few from Italy! A gelato diary perhaps?

So 'Arrivederci' and see you on the other side! x

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Me Made May '14 - Week Two

So this week has been pretty hectic but I've done pretty well in wearing my 'Me-made's ...less well in documenting (for reasons as previously discussed!) so here's progress update #2!

DAY 8. I covered a shift at the fabric shop wearing my gingham shirt dress and 'Mother-made' cardi. The dress is a 'Kelly' skirt by Megan Nielsen adaptation. The bodice was self drafted. More info on that one HERE.

DAY 9. Another physio session -this time I squeezed in some me-made shorts over black tights. I was thinking that as they were short the range of movement would be sufficient but alas, they weren't quite right. (I was lucky enough to receive a visit from a friend too, complete with amazing vegan cupcakes, and a housewarming planter!)

DAY 10. I spent the day at the shop and wore my original self drafted vest. This one's a navy crepe polka dot racer back as seen in some of last year's pictures.

DAY 12. First open Monday at Make & Do which I thoroughly enjoyed (we have the best customers ever!) and the start my my brand new workshop series 'Creative Skirts'. I wore my gingham shirt dress with a self drafted bodice and 'Kelly' skirt.

DAY 14. Spent the day running errands and having a wander in the town centre wearing my blue striped 'Kelly' Skirt again (now into duplicates as I'm running a little low on unworn 'me-made's).

So five days out of seven this week. 'Must try harder' with the pictures though!! I've also had another skirt in the pipeline which I must get around to putting together as it's pre-laundered and cut ready. I'm trying out a new silhouette which I'll elaborate on in my next 'Wardrobe Architect' post.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Me Made May '14 - Week One

Part of my 'Me Made May' pledge this year was to try to better document my experience as last year I did very poorly as #1 I hate being photographed, and #2 I look really silly in almost all of them resulting in it becoming a very arduous and time consuming exercise!

As I'm working in the 'Wardrobe Architect' element this time around (which I've mentioned a few times in previous posts) I thought it would prove really helpful so here is my first little progress report...

DAY ONE. I have yet to write up a post / take some proper pictures of my latest self drafted vest. It's my 'go'to' garment and it's super easy to construct -I can make it start to finish in a few hours. Plus I know that it's a safe bet shape that I'll wear all the time. I made it using fabric from Tula Pink's 'Acacia' collection.

DAY TWO. Involved lots of errands and a physio session that required garments I didn't have in 'me -made's, so rest day!

DAY THREE. I wore my self drafted dress (earlier variant of the one above simply lengthened with an elasticated waist and faux button feature) to work so thought I'd take a quick snap with the best possible backdrop! I also wore my handmade silver jewellery, made and given to me by my friend Alice (thank you again I LOVE it).

DAY FOUR. We headed to an informal dinner with my other half's family (to drop off a 'holiday bag' gift which I'd made that day). I wore my 'Kelly' skirt by Megan Nielsen but to change it up a little I went for a narrow woven belt instead of my usual matching tied one.

DAY FIVE. I wore a variation of the outfit above but with a 'Mother-made' dark red cardi which I'll take some pictures of as soon as I get around to adding the buttons!

DAY SIX. Today I finally made (and plan to wear all day if I can get away with it!) my 'Rainy Day' pyjama shorts using a beautiful 'Blown Away' cotton print by Josephine Kimberling. I fell in love with it as soon as it arrived in the shop.

So with five days of wearing 'me-made's that's my first week taken care of! I've also crossed one of my new garments off of the list -hurrah! I'm finding it a little tricky to take decent pictures in our new house though. It feels bright and airy, but there just seems to be nowhere you can stand without ending up with a grainy mess. I've been resorting to playing around with filters in the hope of coming up with something semi-usable!

 One of the best bits of 'MMM' is definitely the Flickr group. I've been loving all of the picture updates -lot's of inspiration to be had. Let's hope I can keep it up for week two!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Wardrobe Architect #1

So in my last post I mentioned the 'Wardrobe Architect' series by Sarai at Colette Patterns. I thought I'd make a start and go through a few bits and pieces regarding personal style.

Firstly I'll admit that I feel rather like a fish out of water documenting personal insight snippets on the ol' interweb -but hey, let's go with it for now. So the name of the game is trying to identify exactly where I'm at in terms of 'Core Style' and what makes up my wardrobe.

Using this info I can decide what works and what's missing, enabling me to fill in the gaps with handmade pieces which I know won't languish in the back of a cupboard somewhere never seeing the light of day (like so many before them!).

So... the image below is a loose representation of an average day me right now. When encouraged to pick out a few adjectives -I went for casual, lazy, comfortable, youthful.

Core Style (Start)

In essence my 'Core Style' or lack thereof stems from the informal nature of my working life. I have the luxury of choosing based on ease and comfort and have a tendency to throw on a variation of the same outfit most days -reaching for the faithful grey hoodie. I'd say that there is definitely a boyish even slightly juvenile element to my current 'go-to' look that I'd like to update whilst keeping a little 'alternative edge'.

The next task is to empty my wardrobe and see exactly whats lurking. Wish me luck!