Thursday, 10 April 2014

Home Sweet Home

Why hello again! It feels like an age since I've sat down to write a little post to share. This is because I've recently moved house! I've finally said 'Bye-bye' to Stokes Croft after 10 years (sticking with the name though -where it all began) and I'm now on the other side, (almost) everything has been moved across to our new home and now the lengthy process of sorting through our possessions and deciding on decor etc can begin!

I figured it's only fitting for the first post-move project to be sewing related...

I was given an unwanted antique reproduction dresser by my mother (which lovely though it is, has seen better days so will be primed and painted) which I'm filling with all of my sewing supplies. Yesterday I made a start on the gargantuan task of organising my fabric stash.

Recycling the boxes from our move, I painstakingly cut and wound most of my vintage trims and lace onto cards. It's amazing how many of them I don't remember having seen.

I'm also cutting 'mini bolts' as you can see above for my larger fabric pieces. I'm hoping that having everything in view and easily accessible will reduce the waste involved in buying unnecessarily (unfortunately I didn't even make a dent in the mounds and boxes of fabric still waiting to be sorted!).

With the shelf removed I'm able to fit all three of my machines into the cupboard (Bernina sewing machine and Janome overlocker and embroidery machine) the drawers will hold tools / notions.

So all that's needed now is a lick of paint! ...but what colour? Sounds like a job for Pinterest!

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