Thursday, 13 March 2014

Summer Shorts #2 (Construction)

Last week I posted a few quick snaps of my progress with the summer shorts project I've been working on. To quickly recap, I was sent some free fabric as part of a competition for craft bloggers hosted by 'Hillary's' which I decided to turn into two items -the shorts which I've now finished and a bag (post on it's way!) intended for use during our holiday in June.

The previous post covered a few points regarding the drafting so I thought I'd add a few pictures to show how they were constructed.

The canvas like fabric was quite prone to fraying so straight after cutting the pieces I used my overlocker to finish the edges (as you can see in the picture above).

After the darts and tucks were sewn I moved onto the short inside leg seams. The curved crotch seam was sewn as shown below with the right sides facing.

I could then attach the front and back facings which I understitched to help keep them in place as I didn't want visible top-stitching. You might be able to see this in the close up below -unfortunately it's not the sharpest picture.

Lastly I moved onto the side seams, inserting an invisible zipper in one, and whizzed around the hems -et voila! One pair of shorts! (or rather a second pair... so two)

As soon as I finish off my little bag waiting in the wings I'll post some proper pictures (weather dependent as the fog seems to want to scupper all of my photo plans!) -then I may need some help deciding which to submit as I've been really naughty and made more than one item!


  1. Love the fabric! And they are lovely shorts.

    Jen |

    1. Thanks! I wish I were bold enough to wear them 'waisted' but I'll probably be boring and pair them with a long ish top so they don't look quite so crazy.