Saturday, 8 March 2014

Summer Shorts #1 (Drafting)

In my last post I mentioned being the lucky recipient of some gorgeous free fabric from Hillary's. Having decided to make some shorts, I've spent the last few days drafting a pattern and fitting a toile (muslin) and thought I'd take a few snaps of the progress whilst the sun is still shining! So here are the first pair...

I drafted a very basic shorts pattern using my measurements and a trouser block and altered the darts / tucks to suit my requirements. I cut a toile using some calico from my stash as this will be a similar weight to the canvas like fabric I'll be using.

Then followed lots of swearing bending / twisting / pinning / adjusting. You can get a rough idea of a few of the adjustments that I made from the shaded areas in the picture above.

I wanted to create a full mock up of the shorts just to be sure that I was happy with them before cutting into my precious print. Thankfully I had just the thing in my stash -khaki cotton drill. I don't even remember what the original use was but I had plenty left over to create a pretty nice second pair for the summer.

Keeping the print in mind I've deliberately kept them pretty simple with very minimal top stitching (only at the hem, the facing is understitched). There are still a few tweaks to make, like stitching down the front tucks a little further and one or two slight shaping adjustments but overall I'm fairly pleased with them.

I haven't added the welt pockets yet -I'm still in two minds about them being a little fussy -guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Best get cracking as time's a ticking and there's still the bag to be made!

Anyone else contemplating their summer wardrobe now spring seems to have arrived or planning any trips?

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