Thursday, 20 February 2014

Impromptu Reversible Bookmark

I had a little time yesterday so finished off a notebook cover for my big sister. It's very similar to the cover I made for my sketchbook but I'll admit that the finish isn't quite so neat (partly due to me rushing and partly due to the fact that mine has a hard cover which this one doesn't).

I also started reading my book for 'Book Club', and suddenly realised I don't actually own a bookmark (or at least if I do it's lurking in some drawer completely forgotten about) so I thought I'd quickly whip one up using some fabric I've had hanging around for ages.

I feel I should add a little disclaimer -this is in no way precision sewing, just a fun little ten minute project I figured I would share in case anyone fancies making one too.

That said, as opposed to a proper tutorial I thought I'd just whizz through the steps I took to make it -so I firstly cut two rectangles (but whatever shape you fancy will be fine -hearts, triangles...).

I cut a rectangle from a scrap of curtain interlining as that's what I had to hand (felt would be fine) smaller by about 1cm on all sides then sandwiched this between my two pieces with the right sides facing outwards, no fiddly turning or topstitching here!

I then stitched around the edges approximately 1cm in, and added a few extra diagonal lines to create a quilted effect (stitch however you like -vertical, horizontal or a bit of 'free motion'?). You can omit the wadding and quilting completely and simply sandwich them together but I think that for minimal extra effort the quilting gives a much nicer result.

 To finish the edges I simply trimmed them with pinking shears and then got back to reading.

A quick tip for anyone new to sewing who may not have considered this -you can match your thread to both the back and front by using a different colour bobbin thread. Have a play around on a scrap piece first just to be sure your contrasting thread doesn't show through. If it does simply adjust the tension dial up or down till it's just right on both sides.

Happy sewing / reading!

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