Friday, 28 February 2014

Free Fabric From Hillary's (It's arrived!)

I recently spotted that 'Hillary's' are running a competition for bloggers to launch a new selection of fabrics. I was sold at the mention of a completely free 39"x 39" sample of said fabric, but whomever's original creation is deemed the best by a panel of crafty judges wins a whopping £1,000.

(All pictures above via

I was very excited when this arrived in the post this morning! (So excited infact, that I didn't iron it before taking the picture...) I can't wait to get stuck in.

The print is somewhat larger than I anticipated but it's just as lovely as I'd imagined. The fabric has a lightweight canvas feel and the brushstroke effect almost looks hand painted. I love that the density of the print varies which could look really effective if used along an edge / hem.

The only problem now is making a decision as to exactly what I'll use it for... any suggestions? The weight would lend itself very nicely to a bag, but I'm leaning towards some statement print shorts to wear in Italy (as it will most likely be quite hot and I'm somewhat too 'indelicate' for short skirts). Maybe I'll be really greedy and go for both!

Bag wise, I'm thinking something small, along the lines of this little beauty by Jessica at 'How About Orange' (via Pinterest) just big enough for camera, purse, keys and phone. If the stories are true then it would have to be pickpocket-proof for the Rome tube!

As for the shorts, it may sound utterly mad but I think the fabric would look great as a pair similar to the ones below(via Pinterest). I'm thinking slightly tailored looking, clean lines, concealed side zip and perhaps just a welt pocket or two on the back?

Or maybe I'm just crazy?


  1. The fabric is great! And I love both of those options! If you do make the bag, and you have any handy tips or instructions, I might it a go as well. The shorts are hot!

    I've been to Rome and the tube doesn't feel like the nicest tube. It can't hurt to keep your bag where you can see the pockets, but that's probably true for a lot of places. :) But it is a great city!

    Jen |

    1. I'll definitely be making a bag in some shape or form, and thinking I'll simply avoid any external pockets and make the fastening secure. That should cover it! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures as I go :)

      I can't wait for our trip, we're on a shoestring budget but going to Pisa, Florence and Siena as well as Rome. Super exciting!

  2. My fabric arrived too (the teal peacocks) - love your ideas! I had decided to wait until the fabric arrived to decide what to do with it...and now it keeps whispering it wants to be a really big toy bunny!

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Italy - loved Rome, Florence and Venice...oh and the Lakes...and the rest of Italy is still on my holiday wish list. I hope you will share photos with us!

    1. The peacocks fabric is really lovely too. I was tempted but thought the print would be too large for what I had in mind. -A huge bunny though, can't wait to see that!!

      And I will most definitely be sharing a few photos upon my return but I'm really quite unphotogenic (closed eyes is my main problem...) so I don't know how many will be exclusively the lovely scenery!