Sunday, 9 February 2014

Covered Sketchbook -Beginnings

I've recently found myself in the habit of pondering craft projects A) just before bed thus stopping me from getting to sleep for hours on end, or B) throughout the day whilst working on other things leaving me unable to remember any of the plans / details at a point when they may actually be useful.

So, whilst covering at the store yesterday, I decided to buy myself a little A6 sketchbook to house all of my ideas. It's small enough to be handbag sized and the little pages seem just right for scribbling out ideas and technical drawings for projects in the pipeline. I though I'd even take it along when shopping for fabric and perhaps add some swatches.

Anyway, I also purchased some fabric which I've had my eye on for some time. It's from the 'Petite Street' collection by Wendy Kendall for Dashwood Studio. Naturally I figured the first thing I should do is cover my notebook so I set about it this afternoon.

I used some curtain interlining as a really low loft wadding and to give the cover a bit of structure. Luckily I had the taupe and mustard cotton in my stash so used those as contrast solids.

I machine quilted the front and back panels, stripes on the back and picking out one or two of the clouds on the front. I also used bondaweb to machine appliqué my initial 'M' on the front bottom corner as a little added detail.

There is a little pocket on the inside front panel, and a pen holder and elastic closure attached to the back. I covered the elastic by making a tube of the contrast mustard (which I also used on the front).

Unfortunately I'm completely out of time today as I'm heading out for dinner this evening, so I'll be finishing this in the week. I'll post a few pictures of the finished item then. Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!


  1. Having a notebook to keep all of your ideas and inspiration is a really good idea. The cover looks awesome and I love the fabric. :D

    Jen |

    1. I love the fabric print too, it's the first thing I spotted in the shop. I bought half a metre but at the moment have no idea what to use the rest for. I'm toying with the idea of cardigan elbow patches!

  2. I always keep a notebook handy--whether I've got a pen or not is an entirely different matter--but it is nowhere near as pretty as yours is going to be!! Love your fabric choices and the monogram is lush!!

    1. Thank you! As for pens, I'm the same which is why I decided it had to have a pen holder... I haven't lost it yet but it has only been a few days!