Thursday, 13 February 2014

Covered Sketchbook - All Finished!

In my last post I shared a few pictures of my latest project, a fabric covered sketchbook to house all of my project ideas swimming about in my head.

I'm happy to report that it's now finished and ready for filling! I originally planned to stitch the pieces together with the right sides facing and then clip and turn them out -only this didn't really give a very neat finish so I decided to bind the edges with bias strip instead.

I'm pretty happy with the result but gosh folding and hand stitching it took me a while so I sat and picked away at it with chocolate cake and old episodes of 'Game Of Thrones' (thought we'd have a bit of a catch up ahead of the new season).

I'll be gathering some swatches later for a few things I have lined up (like the very belated 'Cooper' Christmas pressie) before heading off to the 'Cushion in an hour' workshop which I've been looking forward to immensely!


  1. This does look really great. :D Well done. Oh the Cooper bag is great! Love the fabrics they chose for the ladies one.

    Jen |

    1. Thanks! And yeah, the 'Cooper' is great. I'm making quite a boring one though as it's for my other half -I don't think he'd use anything too jazzy! Going for something similar to the men's version -brown waxed cotton and sandy coloured cotton drill (though I might sneak something fun in for the lining!).