Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Year To The Day

Hello again! Today marks a year since my very first post.

As my sewing in the last couple of weeks has been strictly functional (replacing broken zips and making replacement sofa arm covers) I thought I'd take a picture of something a little more share worthy.

Isn't she a beaut! ...Yes I'm aware that getting excited over such things is a little odd but having previously kept my bobbins in a big tangled mess in a little reused piece of plastic packaging, the prospect of them being kept neat and tangle free in a proper little bobbin case is pretty great.

This one is by 'Hemline'. It holds 25 and was around £2 from a local craft shop. If like me you're sick of having to untangle a big mess every time you need to switch your bobbin over this is for you (available online HERE).

In other news I'm very excited to announce that I'm joining the 'Make & Do' team and will be hosting a Saturday afternoon 'Stitch & Sip' (more info to follow) as well as leading various workshops over the coming months.

The first of which will be at 7pm on Thursday 13th February, during which we'll make a simple envelope cushion cover using the in-store machines. It involves very basic sewing techniques so is the perfect starting point for beginners.

See my previous post for further 'Make & Do' info (and a few snaps of their gorgeous fabric collections) and head to the website to see what other workshops are coming up.


  1. Congratulations on your Make and Do position; wishing you every success!

    And there is nothing sad about feeling that way about a bobbin box - I feel the same way about mine! I am even more enamoured with my revolving spice rack full of buttons...

  2. Oh that bobbin case looks great! I want one. Congratulations on becoming part of the Make & Do team. :D

    Jen |