Tuesday, 7 January 2014

'Low-Sew' Needle Case Tutorial

After whipping one up as part of a Christmas Present, I thought I'd share this little project for those with *ahem* limited sewing experience or perhaps for youngsters or those needing a small gift but short on time. There's no need for a sewing machine as it can be made entirely by hand!

To make this very simple little needle case, you will need:

  • Two small pieces of felt (I used 8"x 4")
  • A scrap of fabric of the same size
  • A piece of fusible fabric bonding sheet (available at most fabric stores)
  • Pinking shears
  • A single 'Kam' snap or other fastener (Optional)

Firstly decide upon the finished size (I've gone for 4" x 4") and cut a paper template twice that in width (8" x 4"). Use this to cut one rectangle from your fabric, one from your bonding sheet and two from the felt.

*Tip: Why not use patchwork for the outer, or perhaps decorate with a few embroidery stitches? Decorate at this point before fusing*

Next fuse your outer fabric to the bonding sheet by placing it paper side down with the fabric on top -wrong side facing the glue and the right side facing upwards. Press with a cool-medium iron (or follow the manufacturors instructions) until thoroughly stuck!

Now peel off the paper backing and place it glue side down onto your felt (the fabric will be right side up) and press once more. You should now have a single fused piece with your print on one side and felt on the other.

Now using pinking shears trim around the outside edge. This not only looks decorative but avoids the need for fiddly finishing to prevent fraying.

Still using the pinking shears, trim the second felt rectange slightly smaller than the first to hold the needles / pins. *Tip: Be sure to allow enough room at either end for your fastener*

Mark the centre point of both pieces -either simply with a pins or a temporary fabric marker, then stitch along this line using small stitches. I used backstitch but a small running stitch would be sufficient. (There's a free PDF stitch guide available to download HERE).

The final step is to add your fastener of choice (optional). I love 'Kam' snaps as the are so quick and simple to use plus hardwearing. The down side is that you need to invest in a specialist tool to insert them (£10-15) so it's not really a viable option for single use.

You can pick up sewn in snaps from any fabric / craft store for pence which are held in place with a few stitches, or how about a spare hairband? Ribbon ties? The possibilites are endless -alternatively you can omit this step completely.

Now simply fill her up, and admire your handywork!

I'll shortly be posting another 'Low-Sew' tutorial, this time for a cushion cover which can also be made completely by hand with minimal sewing required. If you use this tutorial to make your own needle case -do get in touch and let me know what you think, I'd love to see the result!

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