Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Dress A Girl Campaign

Whilst looking for new blogs to follow for a recent post, I stumbled upon Louise's 'Sew Scrumptious'. As well as stocking beautiful fabrics and posting great tutorials, Louise is the UK Coordinator for 'Dress a girl around the world'.

In a nutshell this campaign involves people donating simple handmade pillowcase dresses (or shorts for little boys) which are shipped out to people in need around the world. They've now reached a whopping 10,000 dresses but are still looking for both donations and volunteers travelling to charitable organisations abroad who are able to distribute them.

I plan on taking part and making a few bits and pieces of my own and thought that whilst I was at it, I'd post a little info and a few links to spread the word and hopefully encourage a few of you lovely people to do the same!

There must be literally thousands upon thousands of pillowcase dress tutorials online (check out Pinterest) but here's one from the US branch to get an idea.

Head over the the 'Sew Scrumptious' page for further details, and more pictures of the happy recipients. I think perhaps I'll arrange a little pillowcase dress sewing day! Anyone else thinking about joining in?

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  1. I think this is a brilliant idea and will definitely join in.