Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Things! Quilt-Turned-Cushion

This gift didn't turn out as planned! Some time ago I decided to make a Christmas quilt for my mother and wanted to explore 'English Paper Piecing' further so got some great Christmas fabric and set to work.

[Gloomy pictures taken on a very stormy day!]

Unfortunately I seriously underestimated the time involved when meticulously cutting, basting and piecing the shapes by hand and quickly ran short of time! I therefore made a last minute adjustment to ensure that I had a finished gift ready to give and decided to use two of the 'rose / star' motifs as festive cushion cover fronts.

Hand stitching the paper wrapped pieces
Removing the basting and paper
Ready for machine quilting!

I picked up some curtain interlining as wadding as I didn't want anything with too much loft -just enough that the machine quilting would stand out. I then pinned and machine stitched them to my base fabric, machine quilting with coordinating thread to pick out a few of the shapes.

Whilst cushions definitely aren't as impressive as a hand pieced quilt, it's my very first finished EPP project -they turned out really festive.

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  1. Beautiful! The quilting really finishes it perfectly. I know what you mean about the time it takes; I have never got beyond pincushion size when paper piecing...!