Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Things! - Penguin Purse

Phew, it's been a super busy (but really quite productive) few weeks! I'm now thankfully (almost) at a point where everything is sorted and ready for Christmas. Cutting it a little fine I know but my old habit of putting things off till the very last minute has crept in so it's been a bit of a mad rush!

As this next project I'm sharing was given a little early (today to be precise!) I can finally share it with you.

I bought some beautiful 'Circus penguins on pink oxford cloth' by Nancy Wolff for Kokka via one of my favourite online stores -Plush Addict. You can't beat it for a great range of really fun prints.

At the time I had no idea what it would be used for -I only knew that it was just perfect for some sort of creation for my friend who loves penguins. I spent a while pondering and in the end decided to go with a little clutch.

I chose a purple floral cotton for the lining with an 'antique' feel to add to the overal 'Granny Bag' aesthetic. I added two small pockets to the lining so that smaller items don't float around in the bottom though in hindsight the bag is so small it's perhaps unnecessary!

The antique brass finish purse frame is attached with coordinating purple embroidery floss using a blanket stitch as I thought it would make the stitching seem more of a deliberate feature than a functional running stitch.

As with most ventures there are aspects that I would adjust for mark 2 but as first attempts go I'm pretty darn pleased with it!

Lots more projects to post but as I'm not sure whether that will be this side of Christmas, I hope that everyone reading this has a wonderful day full of family, food and friends! Merry Christmas!


  1. Love this purse - the stitching is a great detail. I have made one framed purse and really need to practise making more in the coming year. I really like the idea of the pockets in the lining and the pleat on the outside. Have you put together any tutorials or can you recommend any?
    Thanks, Sue.x

    1. Thank you, this is the first framed purse that I've made -I found really helpful. There are loads of patterns and tutes there which you can adapt to suit. Also 'Pinterest' (of course). My main suggestion as far as the pleat goes is be sure to not add much shaping/width at the side seams as the base turned out a touch too wide for the frame at the end. Best of luck with them -I look forward to having a nose!