Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Things! - A Handmade Haul

This year, as well as trying to give predominantly handmade items, we were the lucky recipients of several handmade gifts so I thought in my last Christmas related post I'd share a few of them.

I mentioned in a previous post how much I love Christina De La Mare's work and regular readers will already be aware of my love for bunnies, so I was thrilled to receive the little embroidered felt rabbit below. Another bunny gift was a fun little pair of handmade earings by The Catkin Boutique. The coasters are from a collage collection by Fiona Clabon, a Bristol based illustrator.

My other half bought me the beautiful organic cotton tea towel by Boodle, a Bristol based printmaker. It's so lovely that I definitely won't be using it as intended. I think it's destined to end up as a quilted wall hanging perhaps with a multi coloured paper pieced border.

I love how much the bunny on the far left resembles my Naboo. The tiny silver bird earings are from 'Made Just So', another local independent boutique I've visited this year.

I bought my other half a smaller glittery version of the paper cut I fell in love with at the Paper Scissors Stone event that I attended earlier in the year. The other frame pictured was a gift from his parents -it's handmade in bronze and steel by Kerry and Tilly Whittle for the National Trust. It's so tactile, I love it!

I also made him one or two gifts myself including a wallet (I wasn't happy with the first attempt so it's an I.O.U #2) and some bed shorts using 'Socks the Fox' for Michael Miller Fabrics.

We tried not to get swept up with the commercialism of the festive period, and it feels nice to know that most of our purchases will directly benefit other local crafty folk (rather than disappear into the pockets of shareholders or wotnot).

Did anyone else strive to buy locally / give handmade this year?


  1. I've just spotted this! Thank you so much for the mention. Christina x

    1. No Problem -I LOVE my bunny who has pride of place on top my piano.

      There's another bunny picture here too from when I first spotted them at the 'Made In Britain' store opening last year.