Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Things! - Cute Cushion Kit

Here's another few pictures of a handmade gift idea to share. I use the term 'handmade' loosely as technically there was no actual making involved!

I put together a 'make-your-own' kit for my other half's sister. It includes absolutely everything needed to create a personalised cushion cover (aside from an iron needed for pressing that is) including:

  • Fabric and trim ('Hello Tokyo' via Plush Addict)
  • Bonding sheet and Bondaweb / Wondaweb fusible hemming strip
  • A temporary fabric marker
  • Embroidery floss and cotton thread
  • A set of pins and some needles

Plus as a little extra gift I whipped up a little patchwork needle case using scraps, a kam snap and some felt from my stash.

I drew up step by step instructions with little diagrams starting with the decoration using pom-pom trim, felt, bonding sheet and a few simple embroidery stitches. Then covered the very simple 'low-sew' construction using pre-cut fabric finished with pinking shears and Bondaweb.

The construction method is extremely simple and very quick (Tutorial to follow) and is perfect as a first sewing project for youngsters or those new to sewing. It can be finished entirely by hand -no sewing machine needed! So more on that to follow.

I hope that everyone had a cracking Christmas. Mine was spent in the best possible way -relaxing with family (with a little over-eating thrown in for good measure!) I even won a game of Scrabble. What more could anyone want!


  1. That is a lovely idea for a gift (and I am a big fan of Plush Addict!)

    1. Thank you! It's recipient has recently taken to cross stitch so I thought it would be nice to branch out with a few more stitches.