Monday, 18 November 2013

Folksy Store Update

After a fairly grueling physiotherapy assessment this morning I've been feeling achy and therefore pretty sorry for myself. I decided some quality time with the sofa was in order so cracked out the 'Witch' socks and my quilt made by my very lovely Auntie Brenda (sent all the way from Adelaide, Australia 15 years ago!) and set to work updating my sorely neglected folksy shop.

These socks keep my feet toasty warm -but I do feel like I should be watching out for low flying houses! Anyway back to the subject at hand...

There's a new layout over at 'Folksy' which I think is a real improvement. Also a new set of banners to choose from which is great for the technologically challenged (Moi!). Another new feature which I love is the ability to group your items into collections. Infinitely better for browsing.

Click the icon in the right hand column to have a nose (or HERE). As I mentioned it has been somewhat neglected of late as I have so many other projects to juggle but I have big plans for the new year!

Any (constructive) feedback or product suggestions are appreciated so do feel free to get in touch and let me know what you think!

Now to put the kettle on for a brew. All I need now are chocolate biscuits -I love lazy nights!

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