Thursday, 31 October 2013

Gingham Shirt Dress -Finished last! Firstly apologies for the terrible gloomy pictures. It's currently impossible to take a good photograph in my house as there is just so little light at the moment. These will have to do for the time being.

Anyway... I started working on the bodice for this gingham shirt dress back at the height of summer. Despite needing to re-size the somewhat 70's looking collar I was quite happy with how it was coming along until I got to the skirt.

I just couldn't decide what to do with it. I wanted a slightly flared skirt so was thinking about a half circle -but working with gingham I thought that the bias at the side seams would look odd so I proceeded to play around with a rectangle based skirt -pleating and gathering in all manner of ways but nothing looked right! At that point I threw it in the wardrobe to be tackled at a later date.

Then I bought the 'Kelly Skirt' pattern by Megan Nielsen. I made this version (also below) and was really happy with the outcome. I then had a 'Eureka!' moment when I realised that the pattern was rectangle based therefore eliminating the bias issue at the side seams!

So I made up another 'Kelly' using the gingham -omitting the waistband and shifting the darts to match up with the ones on the bodice. I also used french seams throughout as the fabric is quite lightweight and prone to fraying.

If I were to make another I think I would firstly not wear a sports bra when fitting it (rookie mistake as it now gapes at the bust whenever I wear anything else!) and secondly fit it slightly closer at the waist.

In my last post I mentioned that winter would probably arrive before I had it finished and although I think we're still technically in autumn/fall the weather is definitely pretty winter-y! Luckily despite it being very lightweight and cool I was right in thinking it would work well with layers. I've been wearing it with woolly tights, ankle boots and a cardi.

Hope everyone has a cracking Halloween. Now the pre-Christmas panic begins! Anyone else sewing / making gifts for Christmas?

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