Saturday, 21 September 2013

Embroidery Inspiration

So the theme has been decided -Autumn it is! I have to say I was hoping for Winter, my mind was buzzing with ideas involving frosty ice blues and whites with pearl and silver threads. After having a quick look for some Autumnal inspiration I'm actually quite happy though as I think Autumn also has a lot to offer -more even in terms of colour.

I'm thinking (obviously I suppose) golds/oranges/reds perhaps with a few splashes of green and dark brown to contrast. I think I'll start by digging through my scraps and threads to see what goodies I can find and go from there.

Whilst perusing the internet for embroidery goodies, I happened upon the website of Michele Carragher, who works on (amongst other things) the costumes for 'Game Of Thrones' with designer Michele Clapton.

I'm in sheer awe of her work so definitely recommend paying her site a visit.

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